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The Best Car Rental Discounts for Teachers

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Summer is almost here and teachers are about to have some much-needed time off from classes and grading papers. Renting a car is a great way to visit family and friends or go on a relaxing vacation. Here’s how teachers can get the very best price on a rental car.

When it comes to snagging car rental discounts, membership has its privileges.

NEA Members Can Snag a Car Rental Teacher Discount

For deals on rental cars—as well as a raft of other items, from cell phone bills to online shopping—the National Education Association union is the first place to look for discounts from major rental car companies.

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The NEA website doesn’t specify how much you can save for every company, but the Hertz deal that lets teachers save up to 25 percent on the base rate is often unbeatable.

Here’s a quick rundown of the perks you can expect when renting a car with your NEA membership:

State Teacher Associations for Car Rental Teacher Discounts

Some state teacher associations also offer great deals on car rentals in addition to NEA discounts. Many state websites for teachers note a special promo codes to use when booking. Here are a just a few examples of savings offered by state teacher associations:

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Teacher Discounts at Smaller Rental Car Companies

Some of the smaller rental car companies may not have deals with the organizations mentioned above, but still offer discounts for teachers. For example, Sixt offers a teacher discount of up to 5 percent in savings.


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