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Earn Double Points with Enterprise Plus Your Points


Every fall and winter, Enterprise outdoes itself with its annual Plus Your Points promo. This awesome promo ordinarily lets you earn double points for four solid months. This year’s promotion runs through January 31, 2023.

Why do we like this promotion? It’s one of the few times during the year that earning Enterprise Plus points can be worthwhile. For most of the year, the average Enterprise Plus member earns one point per dollar base rate of the rental. That’s a paltry 5 percent rebate.

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It takes such a long time to earn awards in that form of reward program. We recommend that you credit your qualifying Enterprise rentals to National’s Emerald Club, at Enterprise’s sister company, instead. This promotion is one of the few times when earning points in Enterprise’s program has a compelling narrative.

How Enterprise Plus Your Points Works

The first step to taking advantage of the Plus Your Points promotion is to enroll in the free Enterprise Plus program. You can earn free rental days for as few as 400 points (for rentals with a base rate under $20). But more realistically, a free day in the program is likely to require between 650 and 1200 points.

This year’s promo runs through January 2023. Renters earn the traditional base point in the Enterprise Plus program and earn a bonus point from Plus Your Points. In addition, there are optional, points-earning badges that can be completed through rentals or other activities.

Enterprise Plus Your Point Badges

Frequent Enterprise renters accumulating points will want to focus on triggering the available bonus opportunities (called badges) in the program. Even those who rarely use their Enterprise Plus accounts should look toward the badges. All participants in the promotion can earn points without completing any rentals. For example, you can earn badges for signing up for the email newsletter and filling out the survey. It’s possible to earn up to 500 points without making a rental. The Enterprise Plus program requires 400 points to get the base rate waived on a $20 rental.

Everyone is Eligible for These Badges

Every Enterprise Plus Your Points enrollee is eligible for the following seven badges:

Badges Available at Enterprise’s Discretion

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The Enterprise Plus Your Points promotion takes one of the least-rewarding rewards programs and puts points towards free days easily within reach.


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