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National’s One Two Free Promo for Free Rental Days


Car rental loyalty programs aren’t known for their incredible generosity, but once in a blue moon we see a promotion that really stands out and National’s annual One Two Free Promotion is that happy exception.

Every year, National offers an opportunity to earn a free day certificate for every two rentals you complete within the promo period—this year, it’s a six-month period from August 22, 2019 to February 29, 2020.

Background on National’s Emerald Club

Joining the National Emerald Club loyalty program is free and the first step to earning credits in the promotion. Benefits include the ability to:

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With the Emerald Club program, you earn points toward free days based on the number of rentals and lengths of those rentals. The supplementary One Two Free promotion works a little differently, with every 600 points earning a promotional free rental day. For instance, a two-day rental of a midsize or larger car gives you 300 points, so two cheap weekends could add a free promotional day redeemable for a pricey future rental.

How to Make the Most of the One Two Free Promo

Once you register for the promotion, all you need to do is provide your National Emerald Club number at the time of booking. (When booking through AutoSlash, you can enter your Frequent Renter Number along with your name, e-mail address, and telephone number at the time of reservation.) All qualifying, completed reservations count for both Emerald Club and One Two Free award days. In addition to the rentals themselves, there are also bonus opportunities to earn points, with every 600 points equaling another free rental day.

NOTE: You can rollover points earned during the 2018 promotion when you preregister for the 2019 promotion. If you earned earned 300-599 points last year but never earned a free rental day, those points now rollover to this year’s promo.

The bonus options

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These bonuses can also be stacked to get to the 600 points needed for a free day. A week-long qualifying National rental (300 points + 200 points), with email opt-in (50 points) and survey completion (50 points) immediately puts you at 600 points after a single rental. That’s a free day in the One Two Free promo alone, while the rental also counts toward a free day in the Emerald Club program.


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