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The Lowdown on Payless Perks

Payless Perks
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When you ask AutoSlash for a quote, it’s very likely that one of the cheaper rates will be from Payless Car Rental. Be forewarned that this company is the least popular within the Avis Budget Group and gets a ton of complaints from consumers. Despite its poor reputation, the company offers a rewards club called Payless Perks.

The Benefits of Joining This Program

Payless Perks promises three benefits:

You would think these would be easy wins to obtain but we’re talking about Payless.

Another Non-Benefit of Joining This Program

Our Take

What does the Payless Perk program provide for customers? Just the option of prepaying for reservations at the same rate AutoSlash can help you book a cancellable reservation. That’s a money-losing proposition given Payless’ cancellation penalties.

This is the first time AutoSlash has recommended against signing up for a loyalty program because it meets zero criteria:


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