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What is the USAA Car Rental Discount?

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You may know that you can get car rental discounts if you’re a member of organizations like AAA and AARP or shopping clubs like Costco and BJ’s. For military members and their families, there’s another terrific option: United Services Automobile Association (USAA). Here’s how to find and apply USAA car rental discounts.

What is USAA?

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The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) has over 13 million members who are past and present members of the armed forces, as well as their spouses and children.

The organization offers a number of financial services, including offering car rental discounts.

What is the USAA Car Rental Discount?

Some major rental car companies offer special discounts of up to 30% for USAA members, depending on the specific rental car company. In addition to a better price, USAA members often enjoy additional benefits such as unlimited mileage and a break on additional driver fees.

Which Companies Offer USAA Discounts?

Four car rental companies offer discounts for USAA members: Avis, Budget, Enterprise and Hertz. Here’s how they compare.


USAA offers the latest Avis deals through its members-only portal. Avis offers specific, time-limited promotions for USAA members in addition to discounts with a special coupon code. For example, we found a recent USAA offer to save up to 30% on base rates along with a free upgrade.

In addition to discounts, Avis offers several other benefits for USAA members:


USAA offers the latest Budget deals through the members-only section of its website. Budget also offers several discounts for USAA members. For example, we found recent deals offering 10% off of rates at neighborhood locations, free upgrades and $10 off of base rates when spending at least $175.

Budget also offers the same perks for USAA members as its sister company Avis does:


Enterprise offers comprehensive benefits for USAA members, including discounts of up to 5% according to the USAA website. It also offers several other perks for USAA members, including:


Hertz offers a range of perks for USAA members as well as special discounts. Generally, Hertz will offer a standard discounted rate for USAA members that can usually be combined with special offers. For example, we recently found a coupon for discounts of up to 25% on time and mileage charges.

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Hertz also offers extra perks for USAA members, including:

How to Book a USAA Car Rental Discount

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