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Want to shave minutes off your pick-up time with Alamo Rent a Car? Check in online before you arrive, and skip the counter with Alamo online check-in.

Alamo offers online check in, which lets you skip the counter. After filling out a brief online form with a few details—usually name, birthdate, and driver’s license information—you can go straight to your car and get on the road faster.

Alamo Online Check In

Online check in at Alamo Rent a Car is available at over 40 airports in the United States. You start by entering your name, confirmation number and driver’s license information. As part of the check-in process, you’ll also need to confirm your insurance options, agree to the Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions and enter a valid credit card. No charge is made on your card until you return your vehicle. Here are the requirements:

  • Reservation must be at a rental location that offers “Skip the Counter.”
  • Your rental reservation cannot exceed 30 days.
  • Reservation must made at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Your rental car cannot include certain add-ons that need to be added to vehicle (i.e. mobility devices, etc.).
  • Reservation cannot be prepaid or direct billed to a third party. When you book through AutoSlash, be sure to reserve the “Pay Later” rate if you want to check in online.
  • You must use a major credit card, not a debit card.
  • The name on the reservation must match the name on the credit card.
  • Additional local deposit requirements may apply.

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Other Car Rental Express Services

While no other major rental company offers online check in, several offer an express service designed to get you to your car and on your way in no time flat. Typically you need to sign up for the free loyalty program to take advantage of the service.

Avis Select and Go

For Avis Preferred members,the “Select and Go” express rental program lets you bypass the rental counter at major airports. Once you’ve signed up for Avis Preferred, you simply find your name on the board and proceed to your car in its assigned parking spot. Drive to the exit gate, flash your license, and you’re on the road.

Budget Fastbreak

Budget’s loyalty rewards program, called Budget Fastbreak, is primarily an express service available at many major airports. Once you are signed up, you proceed directly to the lot, choose your own car, drive to the exit gate, and show your license. Budget terms these “Fastbreak Choice” locations.

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Dollar Express

Dollar Rent a Car also has an expedited pick-up service called Dollar Express that promises to get you on your way in under 60 seconds. You load your information into your profile before you arrive, so all you have to do is sign the already-completed paperwork and go.

Hertz Ultimate Choice and Hertz Fast Lane

Part of the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards loyalty rewards program, Hertz Ultimate Choice lets you choose your own car rather than the rental agent assigning you a specific vehicle. Instead, you get to choose your car from an entire row of vehicles. So not only do you get to skip the long line at the rental counter, you also get to pick from a special selection of vehicles just for Gold Plus members.

Even better, the new Hertz Fast Lane Powered by CLEAR service uses your biometric profile to fast forward the rental car process. The service is so fast, says Hertz, that you’ll zoom through the rental car exit gate in a half a minute or less. Hertz Fast Lane will roll out to 40 U.S. airport locations in 2019.

National Emerald Club

One of the best loyalty programs around, National Emerald Club also lets members bypass the rental counter and select your own vehicle from the Emerald Aisle at many airports when you book a midsize car.

Sixt Express

Even the lowest level of membership of Sixt Rent a Car Rewards allows you to store profile information so that you can speed the rental process. That’s the theory, anyway. While membership delivers the ability to skip counter time, the Sixt profile doesn’t store a frequent flyer number so you essentially still have to stop at the counter if you want to collect the points.

Thrifty Blue Chip

Thrifty offers an expedited pick-up service called Blue Chip that is nearly identical to the express service offered by its sister company, Dollar Rent a Car, and also promises to get you on your way in under 60 seconds. You load your information into your profile before you arrive, so all you have to do is sign the already-completed paperwork and go.