Las Vegas may be known for its cheap hotels, but the same can’t be said for rental cars. One big reason is that Nevada has the highest rental car taxes and fees in the nation. In addition, Las Vegas has its own set of extra surcharges for car renters. But there are still ways to land a cheap car rental in Las Vegas.

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All in all, if you rent a car in Vegas, you can expect to pay a minimum of 18.85% in taxes and fees, on top of the rental rate. That breaks down as a 10-percent surcharge on rental cars in Nevada; a 6.85-percent state sales tax; and an additional 2-percent county sales tax in Clark County.

Car Rental Fees at the Las Vegas Airport

And that’s just the beginning. If you pick up your rental car at Harry Reid International Airport (LAS), there will be even more surcharges, including a Concession Recovery Fee and Customer Facility Charge.

Car Rental Fees at Las Vegas Hotels

Major resort hotels in Las Vegas often offer an on-site rental car service, but watch out—the fees imposed on rental cars at Vegas hotels wildly exceed even the abusive fees at the airport. Rental car companies’ fee structures often note the possibility of hotel kickbacks as “Hotel Concession/Commission Fee Recovery (HCFR).” At the Hertz location at the Palazzo tower of the Venetian Hotel in Vegas, we’ve seen this fee climb as high as an astounding 32%.

Ouch. There’s a 32% fee for renting a car from the Palazzo rental car desk.

This isn’t an isolated scenario. All the major rental car companies have partnerships with Vegas’ big resort hotels and they all charge fees for the privilege of renting on-site. There’s a 28-percent Concession Recovery Fee when you rent from the Dollar car rental desk at the Treasure Island, a Radisson Hotel. The Enterprise rental desk at the Tropicana charges a 20-percent “Facility Recovery Fee.”

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Avis has a stronghold in many of the MGM hotels and charges $7 per rental day as a “Customer Recoupment Fee.”

How to Minimize Car Rental Fees in Las Vegas

Need a cheap car rental in Las Vegas? Ask us for a quote and we’ll scour the Internet to find the lowest possible rate. Note that AutoSlash quotes include all fees so there are no surprises.

If you are flexible about where you can pick up the car, you can avoid both the airport fees and the hotel fees simply by renting from a neighborhood location.