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Sometimes on your travels, a one-way auto rental is just what you need. Maybe you need to connect between two airports, or take a road trip with a flight at the other end. The biggest challenge, though, will be finding one-way auto rentals with no dropoff fee.

Indeed, drop-off fees imposed by auto rental companies can be hefty and vary wildly. The fees depend on factors such as the company, the distance traveled, drop-off locations and time of year. It is possible, though, to score a one-way auto rental with no drop-off fee at all.

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How can you tell? Look at taxes and fees listed before you confirm an online auto rental. You’d be expected to pay that drop-off fee up front when you pick up the auto.

How to Avoid Drop-Off Fees on One-Way Auto Rentals

The first way to find one-way auto rentals with no drop-off fee is to look for special promotions that waive the fee. Look for seasonal drive-in or drive-out specials. Just be sure to check that fine print to confirm that the drop fee is truly waived, because that’s not always the case.

Another tactic is to widen your auto rental search to include both airport and off-airport locations. Playing around with pick-up options might turn up a one-way rate with a smaller drop fee or no fee at all. Or, it may reveal an auto rental rate low enough to offset that drop-off fee.

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But the easiest way of all to find one-way auto rentals with no drop-off fee is to ask AutoSlash for a quote. We’ll scour the Internet for the best possible deal, then, track your reservation; if we detect a price drop, you can cancel and rebook at the lower rate.