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When it comes to tropical glamour, few destinations compare to Miami Beach. But this iconic strip of beachside paradise is better known for tony boutiques and well-heeled sun worshippers than for cheap parking. Here’s how to find an inexpensive place to park your ride without a bother.

Miami Beach Street Parking: Know Before You Go

As a visitor, you’ll pay more than Miami Beach residents for street parking in the most popular neighborhoods. A smart solution is to park in one of the city’s many metered lots—instead of directly on the street—to save yourself a bundle. This is especially true in the most touristy areas, where off-street metered parking in the lots can save $2 per hour.

In the Entertainment District (between Ocean Drive and Pennsylvania Avenue) and South Beach neighborhoods, parking costs $2 per hour in the lots and $4 for the on-street meters. Meters in East Middle Beach cost $3 per hour on the street and $2 in the off-street lots.

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The cost of parking drops in less-busy areas of Miami Beach, and you may even find that the price is the same whether you’re on the street or in a metered lot. This is the case in West Middle Beach and North Beach, where metered parking is only $1 per hour. That’s the same price residents pay in the tourist areas. You can check out a more detailed map of different parking zones on the City of Miami Beach website.

TimeOut Miami warns that visitors should be extra careful when parking in private lots, as they’ll tow your car immediately once your time runs out instead of simply giving you a ticket. Lots are supposed to post a sign, but sometimes they are not placed in a highly visible position.

Miami Beach Garage Parking

Miami Beach also offers several garages in addition to the metered lots and on-street parking spaces. You can use this handy map to find out which option works best for your trip, and compare prices at the most popular garages. Prices at these garages are comparable to the on-street parking but are significantly cheaper than the privately-owned spots.

Garages are a great option if you want to skip the hassle of fighting for a metered spot or park for an extended period of time. However, you might have to walk a bit depending on where you plan to spend the day. If heading to the beach, we recommend checking out the lots at 2101 or 3501 Collins Ave.

How to Avoid Parking Fines in Miami Beach

Parking in a public lot doesn’t make you immune from fines if you overstay your welcome. Take a look at these enforcement rules to ensure you know the lay of the land before parking in Miami Beach, as well as some tips for how to secure cheap parking based on the time of day.

Check maximum time limits. There are maximum time limits vary for all meters, so plan your day accordingly. Garages also have varying time limits.

No free parking on Sunday. Unlike many other cities that turn a blind eye to meters on Sundays, Miami Beach keeps tabs on them every day.

Some free night parking. Meters in Middle Beach and North Beach are only enforced between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., so you may be able to snag free dinnertime or overnight parking in those areas depending on the season and specific area.

Meters in Miami Beach’s Entertainment District, South Beach or East Middle Beach are monitored pretty much around the clock, so be sure to abide by time limits and other guidelines.

The Best Apps for Finding Cheap Parking in Miami Beach

For a hassle-free experience and the best prices, you can use apps to help you park your rental.

ParkMobile and ParkMe are two apps recommended by the City of Miami Beach. The latter promises “you’ll never have to circle the block again.”

SpotHero offers a handy dynamic map of downtown Miami Beach and allows users to reserve parking.

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BestParking also has a dynamic map with the prices and capacity of each parking location.