Looking for a cheap weekly car rental? The trick is to hunt for attractive weekly promo rates and coupons, reserve as far ahead as possible, and track your reservation for price drops. Here’s the rundown on how to pay as little as possible on a weekly rental car.

Weekly Car Rental Deals

One of the best ways to ensure that you get a great deal on a weekly car rental is simply to book as early as possible. Many travelers don’t realize that car rental rates rise and fall with supply and demand. The first step is finding a great price. When you ask AutoSlash for a quote, we’ll factor in your pickup and drop-off locations as well as any memberships that might entitle you to a discount or promotion. Then we’ll scour the Internet to find the lowest rate possible.

Ask AutoSlash for a Quote on a Cheap Car Rental

Then comes step two. After you book a rental car, ask AutoSlash to track your reservation. We’ll let you know if there’s a price drop before your pickup date, so you can cancel and rebook at the lower rate. Simply by tracking your reservation, we can help customers save 30 percent, on average.

Our searches include all publicly known weekly promos offered by rental car companies, including:

We also look at all publicly known rental car coupons offered by major rental car companies. This part of the process routinely unearths discounts for 10 to 25 percent off weekly car rentals.

How to Hunt for a Weekly Car Rental Deal

Very often we are able to recommend specific strategies to find a super deal for a specific length of time. But unlike when you hunt for weekend car rentals or monthly car rentals, there are really no insider tricks that will help you find a cheap weekly car rental.

Booking a weekly deal is typically very straightforward. There is no day of the week when you can pick up a rental car and snag a lower rate. Ditto for the time of day. There are no obvious pitfalls to watch out for, such as a mileage limitation or other restrictions and fees.

Let AutoSlash Track Your Car Rental for Price Drops

Sometimes a traveler who only needs a car for five or six days might think it makes sense to book a great weekly rate and simply return the car early—but that can backfire. For example, if we apply a coupon that provides a discounted weekly rate and then you fail to keep the car for the entire week, the coupon may be invalidated when you return the car, causing the price to go up.

What if you get a cheap weekly rate through a special offer? In general, rental car systems are programmed to charge the lesser of the weekly rate or the daily rate multiplied by the number of days the car is kept. So there really isn’t much of a way to game the system when it comes to weekly rates.