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How likely is it that your next rental car will be equipped with a backup camera? Extremely likely. That’s because rental companies update their fleets every two years or so. And since 2018, the U.S. and Canada have mandated that new automobiles be sold with backup cameras. So do all rental cars have backup cameras? It’s extremely rare nowadays to find a rental car that does not have this safety feature.

What is a Backup Camera?

A backup camera, also known as a rearview camera, is a video camera installed on the back of a vehicle to live-record the events going on behind the car, while showing the scene on a dashboard screen to the driver in real time. The camera illuminates the driver’s blind spot, helping prevent accidents while driving in reverse.

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Backup cameras have proven so helpful in preventing accidents that the United States and Canada have implemented laws requiring all new models of vehicles to include backup cameras as a safety feature. The backup camera mandate provides a greater level of safety and assurance to both drivers and pedestrians.

Why might your rental car not come with a backup camera? If you rent from a small, budget rental company, the fleet may not be as new as what the major rental companies maintain. The availability of a backup camera in your rental will depend on the car brand, model, and year. If you’re unsure when booking, reach out to the rental car company directly.

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Benefits of a Backup Camera on a Rental Car

  1. It essentially eliminates your blind spot. They allow drivers to see clearly and provide a wider range of sight than the rearview mirror.
  2. It assists in the tricky art of parallel parking. The backup camera helps significantly when wedging into tight parking spots with nary a ding on your—or someone else’s—car.
  3. It offers a sightline for kids and pets. It’s estimated that over 200 people are killed each year—and over 14,000 are injured—due to backover accidents, the majority of whom are children. Backup cameras and sensors can help prevent these tragic incidents.
  4. It reduces traffic stress. Backing up in traffic—from a driveway off a busy road, for example—can be anxiety-inducing. A backup camera helps ensure a safe distance from other cars and safely gauges the cars around yours.

When booking a rental car, a backup camera is an important safety feature.