At Costco, you can find almost anything in bulk and score some nice rental car deals to boot. But does the discount superstore also offer rental car insurance?

Not quite. Renting a car with your Costco membership discount can snag you a great deal. But it’s up to you to make sure you have insurance. That could be either through your personal auto insurance or credit card, or purchased over the rental-car counter.

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The only way to know for sure if a Costco discount is in fact the best possible deal is to do your homework and comparison shop. You can do this research yourself, or let AutoSlash crunch the numbers for you. We scour the internet for discounts and coupons and factor in your memberships to groups such as Costco, AAA and AARP, so you always know all the bases were covered. Best of all, our service is free.

Do You Need Supplemental Rental Car Insurance?

So let’s assume you’ve booked a car using your Costco member discount. Now you have to figure out if you need supplemental car rental insurance.

If you own a car, you can probably pass on the collision damage waiver that rental car companies will offer when you go to pick up the car. It’s highly likely that your personal car insurance also extends to rental cars but, to be sure, call your insurance company and ask.

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If you are paying for your rental car with a credit card, it is highly likely that your card includes secondary rental car coverage. That means this insurance kicks in only after your personal auto insurance deductible has been met. If you pay with a premium credit card, however, you may have primary rental car coverage. In case of an accident, this coverage would supersede your auto insurance, which means your auto insurer never has to get involved.

If you are unsure what coverage you already have or want to boost your level of coverage, you can purchase insurance at the rental car counter or buy it more cheaply from a third-party insurer like Sure.