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As electric vehicles (EVs) gain popularity, more people are requesting them to save on gas and lower their carbon footprint. And more major car rental companies, including National, rent electric cars.

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One of the best things about renting an all-electric vehicle (EV) from National is not having to fill up the gas tank. But if you have never driven an EV, there are a few other things to keep in mind. For example, these vehicles must be charged every few hundred miles.

Which Electric Cars Does National Offer?

National rents electric cars. In the U.S., the options range from standard to luxury models. It divides the options into three different classes: Intermediate Electric, Electric Luxury Sedan and Full Size Elite Electric.  National’s Intermediate Electric category includes the Nissan LEAF or similar vehicles. The Electric Luxury Sedan category includes the Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan or similar vehicles. National’s Full Size Electric Elite category features the Polestar 2, an advanced EV from the Swedish brand Polestar. The class may include similar EV models as well.

National’s Electric Car Policies

Car rental companies are updating their terms and conditions to account for EVs, and National is no exception. Here are some of the most important points, including a clause about how customers will be charged a fee for returning EVs with a less battery life than when they picked up the car.

Charging Levels

When renting a gas-powered car, customers have to decide how they’d like to handle the fuel bill. Usually, companies offer three options — refueling the car yourself, paying for the rental car to refuel it or prepaying for fuel.

Since EVs don’t run on fuel, rental car companies like National are updating their terms and conditions to determine how much charge an EV’s battery should have when customers return the car.

National’s terms and conditions state that renters must pay a fee to recharge an EV “if [the] vehicle is returned with less charge than when rented.” However, it does not specify what that fee is. To be sure, ask this question at the rental car counter before renting.

Damage Waiver

Another clause in National’s terms and conditions states that the company’s Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) does not apply to electric vehicle charging cables, as well as other equipment like key fobs.

Roadside Assistance

National’s terms and conditions say that renters who choose National’s Roadside Plus assistance service will be waived from paying a fee for getting an EV towed to the nearest charging station.

Will Your Insurance Cover an Electric Car Rental?

Before renting an EV, it’s wise to make sure your personal auto insurance policy will cover the value of the rental. Since EVs typically cost more than standard vehicles due to their complex batteries and high-tech components, check to make sure whether your personal auto insurance or credit card has a sufficient coverage level for these vehicles. Also, be sure to check whether those policies would cover a problem with the battery or any other electrical issues.

How to Rent an EV from National

Renting an EV from National is relatively straightforward, but requires a few extra steps than searching for a standard rental. You can choose your rental car location, date and pickup time as you would for any car. You will be able to search vehicles based on three different classes: Intermediate Electric, Electric Luxury Sedan and Full Size Elite Electric.

If you do not see any electric vehicle classes, it may mean that no EVs are available at the pickup location.

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