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Need to rent a car for a month or longer? You might consider a long-term car rental with Turo, a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace that’s been likened to an Airbnb for cars. With over 350,000 car listings on Turo, this is definitely a well-established marketplace. If you’re 21 or older, Turo can match you up with car owners willing to rent out their vehicles for as little as a day or to up to a year.

Upsides of Turo

The upsides are impressive. The platform is available worldwide, but most listings are in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Germany. Many people like Turo’s non-corporate vibe, where the rental experience feels more like borrowing a car from a friend than renting from a big company. Contracts have a lot less fine print than you get with a traditional rental car company.

Downsides of Turo

One potential downside with Turo is insurance. Turo offers two rather pricey insurance plans that include comprehensive collision and liability coverage. While drivers under age 25 will find Turo more hospitable than major rental agencies, there is still an extra fee for young drivers.

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It also may surprise some people to find out that long-term rentals through Turo are not necessarily cheaper than those from major car rental companies. While some owners offer discounts for longer-term rentals of a month or more, prices in general are in the same ballpark as those at rental companies. When we compared different options for long-term rentals in a price-check sample, Turo was just as pricey as the agencies.

Other drawbacks include uncertainty about the state of the vehicle. With Turo, you’re at the mercy of the car owner when it comes to the condition and maintenance of the car. Turo says it removes listings when it receives reports that a vehicle hasn’t passed inspection or isn’t well-maintained. You can’t use your credit car insurance coverage, and the insurance that Turo offers can get pricey.

Another factor is availability. Depending on where you want to pick up a vehicle, you may find that there are slim pickings on the kind of make and model available. Generally speaking, there are more options in more populated areas. Turo is not available in New York State.

How to Rent a Car on Turo

Turo is an online marketplace. The first time you rent from Turo, the process isn’t instantaneous. Before you can become an approved driver, Turo will check your credit and driving history and make sure you meet their eligibility requirements.

Next, you can search for a car, specify the rental period, and select your insurance plan. You can communicate directly with the owner and, if approved for the rental, you can pick up the car or have it delivered . The owner will give you the keys and answer any questions. Check that the gas tank is full and the car in good condition. Once your rental is completed, return the car with the tank filled.

What to Know About Renting on Turo


Turo offers two pricey insurance plans, Premium and Basic. Just like major
rental companies, Turo gives you the option to waive the insurance options if you already have coverage. Turo’s insurance plans cover physical damage to the vehicle as well as
liability. The premium plan is priced at a whopping 40 percent of the
rental, and the basic plan costs 15 percent of the rental. Here’s a detailed view of Turo insurance options.

If your personal car insurance policy covers rentals, then you might be
covered. Call your insurance to ask if your policy would cover a rental
through Turo. Credit card collision coverage generally won’t cover a Turo rental.

Extra Fees

Turo will charge for additional mileage, late returns and cleaning. Here’s
the full guide to fees and fines.

Limitations and Restrictions

Turo allows you to rent a vehicle for up to a year. Young drivers under age
25 pay a fee—either a one-time charge of $10 or 30 percent of the rental
price, whichever is higher. Deluxe, super deluxe, specialty and classic
cars have additional restrictions.

Roadside Assistance

Turo’s insurance plans include roadside assistance. If you have a breakdown
or other issue, they’ll connect you with a dispatcher. The services
provided, however, must be paid out-of-pocket unless the problem is due to
improper maintenance, in which case the car owner pays. If you have
roadside assistance through AAA or your credit card, you can also use that.

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Long-Term Discounts

Some owners provide a discounted monthly rate, typically ranging between 10 and 35 percent off the regular rate. Turo has a search tool for long-term rentals, we found that this tool does not produce results different from the standard search tool.

The Takeaway

Turo is a great service that lets you can find relatively cheap long-term rentals without the hassle of dealing with a huge company. If you do your homework about insurance options and communicate with the owner, renting through Turo should be a breeze—provided that you are in a high-availability area.

If you’re using Turo for a long-term rental, be sure to check with the owner about any persistent issues and how you will deal with any necessary maintenance. Who pays for oil changes and tire rotations? Who pays for larger repair jobs? Set up a recurring call to keep communication going throughout the rental period.