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Have you ever gone to make an online rental car reservation and seen a prompt for a coupon code? You may leave the field blank but wonder if you could have saved money by snagging one of those discounts. Here’s how AutoSlash can help unearth the best Avis car rental coupon codes for your next car rental.

When you ask AutoSlash for a free quote on a car rental, we automatically scour the internet to find publicly available discount codes. These include Avis discount codes. When you receive an email with the best offers, you can typically choose from among several low rates at a variety of rental car companies.

Types of Avis Car Rental Discount Coupons

Avis discount codes always have seven digits and begin with a letter. These may be listed as coupon codes, rate codes or Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) numbers. Here are some types of discounts that Avis offers:

Base rate discounts

Avis often offers coupon codes that unlock a discount on the base rate, which is the price before taxes and fees. These coupons may deduct a set amount, like $10 off, or a percentage of the base rate, such as 10% off, when you spend a certain amount.

Length-based discounts

Some discounts only apply for rentals of a certain number of days. For example, you may see coupon codes to save $30 off of an Avis rental reservation lasting three days or more.

Upgrade offers

Some coupons offer a free upgrade to a nicer category of car. This perk can sometimes be combined with another offer.

“Pay Now” discounts

Certain coupons only apply for reservations paid in advance, such as saving 30% off of Avis’ “Pay Now” discount. While this type of coupon can look like a great deal, keep in mind that prepaid reservations usually have stricter requirements for changing or cancelling than those that allow you to pay at the counter. If you end up having to modify your reservation, you will likely pay a steep fee.

Members-only discounts

Along with providing benefits through its Avis Preferred loyalty program, Avis also offers special discounts to members of several organizations. For example, members of AARP and shopping clubs like Costco and BJ’s are eligible for Avis discounts. Also, members of airline frequent-flyer programs and other loyalty programs can have access to special Avis codes.

The Easiest Way to Find the Best Avis Codes

Finding Avis car rental discount codes is just the first step. The hard part is figuring out which ones yield the biggest savings for your specific rental request.

AutoSlash does the heavy lifting for you. When you ask AutoSlash for a quote, we factor in all the information for your desired rental — pickup and dropoff locations, number of days, days of the week, and so on — as well as your memberships — AAA, USAA, AARP, Costco, BJ’s, etc. — to figure out the very best deal for you for this particular rental request.