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It seemed so promising. Plenti was a rewards program created by American Express that was in operation for three years from 2015 until 2018. Designed to be a single loyalty program among a large number of disparate businesses, Plenti allowed users to earn points at one retailer and use them at another participating retailer.

But cobbling together a nebulous network of seemingly unrelated partners never really caught on. Then all of the partners began to peel away, and AmEx finally threw in the towel. While the Plenti program completely closed down in July 2018, a small subset of users had their points rolled over to a new program.

Where Did Your Plenti Points Go?

As of July 2018, you could no longer earn Plenti points or access your Plenti account, since all Plenti accounts have been closed. For two small groups, points rolled over into a different program.

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For Plenti members who enrolled in Plenti through Exxon or Mobil, or who shopped at Exxon or Mobil between July 10, 2017 and July 10, 2018 and had not opted out of data sharing with partners, ExxonMobil replaced unredeemed Plenti points with new points in a new loyalty program.

For Plenti members who did not opt out of data sharing with partners, and who enrolled in Plenti through BI-LO, Winn-Dixie, Harveys or Fresco y Mas, or shopped at BI-LO, Winn-Dixie, Harveys or Fresco y Mas with Plenti between July 10, 2017 and July 10, 2018, BI-LO, Winn-Dixie, Harveys and Fresco y Mas replaced unredeemed Plenti points earned at their stores with new points in their new loyalty program.

Why We Miss Plenti

There is one big reason we miss Plenti. Unlike other loyalty programs, Plenti was not tied to a single company or credit card issuer so it was incredibly flexible.

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We spend a lot on gas and are always looking for ways to chip away at fuel costs. Plenti had kicked around a few particularly lucrative promotions such as $20 back for 3 fill-ups at participating gas stations. We hope to see more programs in the future that let consumers earn points to save on gas.