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Getting a speeding ticket is never fun, especially when you’re driving a rental car. However, there are steps you can take to make the process easier. Here’s what you should do if you get a speeding ticket in New Jersey.

How Much Are Speeding Fines in New Jersey?

The cost of speeding fines in New Jersey can vary widely, ranging anywhere from $85 to $260. The final bill generally depends on how far above the limit you were driving. Other factors may come into play, such as whether you were in a school zone or construction zone. According to the New Jersey Courts website, here are what some common fines look like:

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Speeding fines generally start at $85 for going up to 9 mph over the limit. Speeding 10-14 mph over the limit can jack the fine up to $95. And going 15-19 mph above the limit will set you back $105. The fines progress upward and can get very high. For example, speeding 35-39 mph over the limit will trigger at $260 fine and more than that will require a court appearance.

How to Handle a Speeding Ticket in a Rental

Unlike parking tickets and toll violations, which are typically tied to the vehicle, a speeding ticket is generally tied to the driver. If a police officer pulls you over, you’ll be able to handle the fine on your own. There’s a good possibly the rental company won’t ever find out. From there, you can pay the fine or fight it. Going to traffic school or taking a defensive driving course online may also be an option for avoiding points on your record.

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There is one way the rental company could find out about the issue. Getting caught by a speed camera that takes a photo of the plate would mean that the rental company would be notified of the fine—and pass on to you at a later date with an added fee. If you receive a notice in the mail about a fine triggered by a speed camera, pay it immediately to avoid dealing with collections agencies or you could end up on the Do Not Rent list.

How to Pay a Speeding Ticket in New Jersey

If you choose to go ahead and pay your New Jersey speeding ticket—usually the quickest and easiest option for rental car drivers—there are a few methods for doing so without much hassle. The New Jersey Courts website is a convenient portal for paying fines online. You could also pay for the ticket in person, by mail or even on the phone. Check the fine print on the ticket to find instructions. 

Pleading guilty to a speeding fine in New Jersey may add points to your license, the amount of which varies depending on the offense. It may be possible to shave off some of these points with a defensive driving class.