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Like other major car rental companies, Sixt will temporarily hold a sum of amount of money on your credit or debit card in addition to the cost of your reservation. The amount that Sixt holds on your card will cover charges you might rack up by the end of the rental, such as late return fees.

The hold will be equal to the total for your rental plus a security deposit. This sum would cover any extra charges—say, additional fuel charges or charges for a late return. That extra amount is based on the location of pickup, dates of rental, and the size of the vehicle.

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To ensure this extra hold doesn’t complicate your finances, be sure to confirm how much Sixt hold on your card and when those funds will come back into your bank account. Those factors will depend on the type of car you’re renting, and your bank.

How Much Does Sixt Hold as a Security Deposit?

The amount Sixt holds on your card depends largely on what kind of car you’re renting. But generally this amount starts at $200 for credit cards. This hold, plus the rental amount, will show up as a pending charge on your credit card until the end of the reservation.

For debit cards, plan to pay a deposit of $200 plus the cost of the rental. You’ll get this amount back after the reservation is completed. It usually takes up to a few days after returning the car.

Holds for Luxury Rentals

If you rent a luxury vehicle from Sixt, be prepared to pay a higher authorization or deposit charge in addition to the vehicle rental price. Typically, you’ll need a major credit card—not a debit card—for these reservations.  

Sixt has three additional vehicle categories that carry higher charges than the standard deposit, with authorizations or deposits of either $500, $1,000 or $2,500. If the rental amount plus $200 is higher than the corresponding deposit, you’ll pay that amount instead.

When Does Sixt Return Your Deposit?

Sixt should return your deposit or authorization amount in full after the rental finishes, but it can take a few days for those to show up on your account. With credit cards, the authorization amount of $200 or more will show up as an authorization until you finish the rental. After that, the charge will drop off of your card and you’ll be left with the reservation amount.

For debit cards, this charge reversal can take up to 10 business days to clear your account after you finish the rental reservation.

3 Tips for Checking Your Deposit

If you’re at all concerned about having enough credit or funds to cover the full cost of the rental and deposit, here are some actions to take before picking up the rental car:

Pinpoint the amount of the hold. Remember that Sixt will charge a minimum of $200 when renting with a credit card in addition to the full cost of the reservation, or a $200 deposit for debit cards. Add that amount to the price of the rental to get a picture of how much you’ll need to have available on your credit card when you finalize your rental reservation. When in doubt, call Sixt to confirm the hold amount.

Check the available credit on your card. Before picking up your rental, check your credit card account online, or call the customer service phone number on the back of your card. If you’re close to your limit, make a quick payment to give yourself enough wiggle room for both the cost of the rental car and that security deposit. Or, just use a different credit card.

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Watch your account after your return the car. Always check your Sixt receipt at the end of a rental to ensure you did not incur any surprise charges. If all looks good, monitor your credit or debit card balance over the coming days to ensure that the final charges are what you expected.