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Whether you are catching a flight, returning a car after-hours, or wrapping up your trip, most you likely don’t have a lot of time to fuss with a car rental return. Luckily, most car rental companies offer the option to return a car without extra paperwork and then quickly and receive the bill or receipt at a later date. It always pays to stay on top of paperwork. Here is how to look up your Enterprise receipt online.

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Sometimes, trackinng down your documentation is necessary if the company doesn’t acknowledge your return. Should any question come up about the car rental return, a receipt is the easiest way to demonstrate the return—and that you returned it at the agreed upon time and place. With most companies, you can quickly request a car rental receipt online. However, each car rental company has its own set of policies for when receipts are available and how customers can access them. 

Enterprise Plus

Enterprise’s free-to-join loyalty program, Enterprise Plus, includes a handy benefit. If you are a member, the company will automatically send you a copy of your receipt to the email address on your profile.

Enterprise Receipts Online

In addition, Enterprise has an online search tool for finding a receipt, which requires the renter’s last name and driver’s license number. 

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Next time you’re making a booking at Enterprise, be sure to look into the Enterprise Plus program if you want a quicker and more streamlined process for returns and receipts. Know that your account will automatically display your receipt two days after your car rental return. Instead of waiting around at the office upon return, use that precious time for something else.

Pro-tip: If you want some visual proof of your return but don’t have time to wait for a receipt, snap a few pictures. Take photos of both the interior and exterior of the car parked in the lot before leaving the premises. These pictures and the timestamp in the metadata will serve as proof that you returned the car when you say you did.