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If you’re not signing up for loyalty programs when you travel, then you’re eaving money and perks on the table. But managing dozens of loyalty accounts can be overwhelming and frustrating. Happily, there’s an easy and, dare we say, life-changing way to manage your reward points.

Travelers love the idea of loyalty programs. But they don’t love having to keep track of passwords, expiry dates and other moving parts. That’s what makes AwardWallet so indispensable.

7 Reasons You Need AwardWallet

Manage your array of programs.

The main function of the AwardWallet website and app is to corral your loyalty programs in a holistic way. You simply enter your account information and password and AwardWallet does the rest, automatically updating your account balances and keeping track of expiry dates. It’s handy to be able to view all your accounts in one place and be able to store your account numbers and passwords when you want to make or check a reservation.

Track family members’ accounts.

Maybe you’re a points geek and your spouse is much more laid back about keeping track. If you want to make sure you’re not collectively leaving points on the table, you can add multiple accounts for family members and track their rewards as well.

Automatically log in to travel accounts.

Once you’ve loaded your travel accounts to AwardWallet, it’s an easy one-step click to log in to any program you want to reference. No looking up the number in once place and then logging in to the travel program app. Just select the account you want, and your loyalty program account will open in a new tab.

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Keep your points from expiring.

While loyalty programs like to pretend that they have super generous expiration periods, in truth your points will expire if you let your account remain dormant. Typically, you need to have some activity within a year or 18 months to keep your points from disappearing. AwardWallet will send you email reminders or text alerts when you’re coming up to an expiration date.

Use ’em before you lose ’em.

If you’ve got a lot of accounts, it can be hard to keep track of all the perks you’ve earned, from free nights and bonus miles to discounts and other awards. Many of these types of perks come and go, and it would be a shame to lose out just because you forgot it was there. AwardWallet makes it easier to see what you’ve got to work with.

Link to your travel reservations.

If you travel frequently, you may have found yourself making a reservation and then forgetting to link it to your rewards program. AwardWallet can automatically link your reservation to your loyalty program.

Monitor your accounts for breaches.

Loyalty points have become a valuable commodity on the dark web, and hackers rely on the fact that most travelers do not routinely check their balances. AwardWallet will send you a weekly recap of changes to your accounts, so you can quickly see if something looks amiss.

What Else to Know About AwardWallet

AwardWallet offers a free version and a Plus version that costs $30 a year. The main difference is that the free account will display the expiration date of three accounts while the Plus version displays an unlimited number of accounts. Also, the Plus version displays more account properties and historical information and allows you to export your balance sheet to an Excel or PDF file.

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Some airlines, including Delta, United and Southwest, prevent AwardWallet from logging into your accounts, claiming it violates their terms of use. In these cases, AwardWallet has a work-around: You can forward your statements directly to AwardWallet and it will take care of the rest. To automate the process, just log into your airline account, and change your email address to [AwardWallet username] Now your balances will be sent directly to AwardWallet.

Concerned about privacy? Be sure to opt for two-factor authentication to make it much more difficult for anyone else to access your account.