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cheap Hawaii car rental
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Planning to rent a car for your Hawaii vacation? You’ll want your own vehicle to explore the waterfalls, volcanoes, glorious beaches, hiking trails and and get the most out of your trip. But this expense doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s how to snag a cheap Hawaii car rental every time.

Check Membership Program Discounts and Coupons

There are a lot of great deals out there for rental cars if you know where to look. You might have more discounts at your disposal than you think. With the exception of the smaller islands, nationally-recognized chains like Avis, Hertz and Enterprise have offices throughout Hawaii. That means there are often a variety of discounts available with different brands.

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You may also have discounts waiting through memberships in organizations like AAA, AARP and Costco. Membership often means access to special discount codes and discounts unavailable to the general public.

If comparing all of these deals seems overwhelming, don’t worry. When you ask AutoSlash for a quote, we’ll factor in your clubs and memberships to find the best rates. This allows you to rest assured that you’ve found the best price possible on your Hawaii rental.

Book in Advance and Monitor Prices

As an island destination, Hawaii tends to have limited rental car availability. Therefore, it is extremely wise to book your car rental reservation well in advance. Book a “Pay Later” rate, and you’ll be able to rebook without a penalty if you find a better price. Another indispensable hack is to be flexible with the type of car you’re willing to rent. And tweaking pickup and return times can often help you find a better price.

If constantly checking prices seems daunting, AutoSlash can help you track your rental reservation and alert you if a better price becomes available.

Check a Variety of Locations

When looking for a cheap Hawaii car rental, check a variety of rental car locations to see how prices compare. Picking up a rental car at your resort can often be pricier than starting at the airport, so be sure to consider the price differences when booking your overall trip and deciding how long you want to have the car. For example, a recent search for a car at Honolulu International Airport showed a daily base rate of about $30, whereas the price was more than $100 per day at a nearby resort.

To truly understand the range of prices available for Hawaii car rentals, don’t limit your search to just the big car rental chains. Consider locally-owned car companies as well, which are abundant in Hawaii.

Avoid Extras and Unneeded Insurance

Most of the extra perks that show up when booking a rental car, like GPS or satellite radio, tend to be overpriced and unnecessary. The same often goes for extra insurance or damage coverage already covered by your personal auto policy and credit card.

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Keep your rental car reservation affordable by cutting down on these extra items at checkout, and look closely at your auto insurance and credit card policies to understand whether you really need that extra coverage.

Don’t Incur Damage or Cleaning Charges

While you may be itching to see Hawaii’s rugged side, many Hawaii travelers mistakenly think that they need a 4WD car to get around. While there are many unpaved roads, rental car companies may void your rental agreement if you venture from the beaten path. So, be sure to stay away from prohibited roads to avoid unwanted charges for damages or extra cleaning later on.