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Heading to the beach or taking a summer getaway? It’s a common myth that it is illegal to drive barefoot. Yet, in fact, there is no law in any of the 50 states that prohibits operating a vehicle shoeless. The same is true in Canada and Mexico.

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But that doesn’t mean driving barefoot is a good idea. In some states, you could still be charged with reckless driving if authorities determined that an accident happened because you were driving barefoot. It’s also possible that some cities or municipalities have laws against the practice.

No State Has a Law Against Driving Barefoot

AutoSlash could not find any examples of laws in any of the 50 U.S. states that would expressly make driving barefoot in a car illegal. However, some states deem it unsafe and some local laws might keep you from driving barefoot. Alabama does require motorcyclists to wear shoes.

Driving Barefoot is Not a Good Idea

Even driving barefoot is legal on the state level, it is possible that a city or municipality has its own law against driving barefoot.

You could land a reckless driving charge if you got into an accident while driving barefoot. The same applies to driving while wearing flip flops or other shoes considered inappropriate.

Is it Illegal to Drive Wearing Flip-Flops?

Driving while wearing flip flops is also legal in all 50 states.

Should You Wear Shoes When Driving?

Experts recommend wearing well-fitting shoes when driving. It may not be illegal to drive barefoot or while wearing flip flop or other loose-fitting footwear, but if it turns out to cause an accident you could get charged with reckless driving.

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If you do wear shoes, make sure to opt for ones that are comfortable and do not interfere with your ability to hit the gas or brake pedals. For example, high heels and clunky boots can make it hard to drive. If you plan to wear shoes when driving, opt for flat ones that fit securely.