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As more travelers rent electric vehicles, so does the demand for chargers. The good news is that it’s getting much easier to find hotels with EV charging stations. This gives guests the opportunity to recharge an electric car while they sleep.

How to Find Hotels With EV Charging Stations

Good news, electric car drivers: A growing number of hotel chains are now offering charging stations for their guests. A 2022 survey by the American Hotel & Lodging Association found that about a quarter of all U.S. hotels maintained electric vehicle charging stations on their properties.

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That might not sound like a lot, but the statistic jumped to 58% when you consider only full-service hotels, which are three times more likely to offer EV charging stations compared to limited service hotels. And if you splurge for a luxury hotel, about 90% of properties offer these chargers.

In other words, EV-friendly hotels tend to be upscale branded chains, not mom-and-pop motels or bed and breakfasts. Depending on the property, charging can be free, or there can be an additional fee.

Here is a snapshot of major hotel chains that are ramping up the number of EV charging stations at their properties.

Best Western Offers EV Charging Stations

In December 2023, Best Western announced it was partnering with Tesla to add universal electronic vehicle charges at “select” North America hotels in early 2024. The hotel company is installing Tesla’s Universal Wall Connectors that can charge any North American brand of electric vehicle. 

Best Western did not state how many properties would participate in the Tesla partnership. The hotel company in a statement said it had “plans to expand” the program internationally.

Choice Hotels Offer EV Charging Stations

In February 2024, Choice Hotel inked a deal with Tesla to install its Universal Wall Connectors at thousands of franchises across the United States. Participating hotels, including Radisson, Cambria, Comfort, and Country Inn & Suites, can add four or more charging stations for guests. Properties that have charging stations installed can be found on the Choice Hotels mobile app and the company’s website. Notably, Choice Hotels are often located close to highways, making them ideal locations for road trips.

This expands Choice’s existing collection of chargers. In 2022, Choice Hotels made a deal with charging station manufacturer EOS Linx to install charging stations at many properties in Choice’s portfolio of over 7,100 hotels in 40 countries.

Hilton Offers EV Charging Stations

Hilton has EV chargers at more than 1,800 of its North American properties. In November 2023, Tesla announced that, beginning in early 2024, it will be installing universal wall chargers at thousands more Hilton hotels and properties. These charging stations will work with any EV without an adapter. Hilton says it is installing “at least six” chargers at each of 2,000 locations in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The company this is the largest planned EV network by any hospitality company.

IHG Offers EV Charging Stations

InterContinental Hotel Group has EV chargers at more than 1,100 of its global properties. In addition, there is an EV-charger search filter on the IHG One Rewards mobile app in addition to a wide set of mapping features. 

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Marriott Offers EV Chargers

As of year-end 2022, Marriott reported that more than 5,500 EV chargers had been installed at Marriott properties worldwide, including 1,700 level-three fast chargers. In September 2023, Marriott inked an agreement with EV Connect to add charging stations to thousands of locations. This is the first agreement of this type for Marriott and ensures that participating locations can provide reliable charging infrastructure at locations within the U.S. and Canada. Charging stations at Marriott properties will be visible on the EV Connect app, allowing guests to locate and pay for EV charging.