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Every fall, major car rental companies need to move thousands of cars to popular winter destinations to meet upcoming demand. As we explain in AutoSlash’s Guide to Cheap One-Way Rentals, this can be a great time to snag a fantastic one-way car rental deals to Florida or Arizona.

For the most part, companies want to move their fleets to Florida and Arizona, so the major rental companies offer specials on one-way rentals to those destinations. These are known as Arizona and Florida drive-in promotions.

Fall 2020 Drive-In Promos to Florida

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Fall 2020 Drive-In Promos to Arizona

How Drive-In Promos Work

For car rental companies, this system really works well in managing supply and demand. They set rates low enough to encourage many people to rent one-way cars during a set period of time, effectively migrating their fleets to sunny locales.

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In general, the timetable for these great migrations follows a pattern. On the east coast, the transfer window moves from north to south. For example, a renter can pick up an eligible car in Albany, New York, as early as Labor Day while a renter from Washington D.C. might not be able to pick up an eligible car for another month, as the high-demand season in Albany ends much earlier than the high-demand season in the D.C. region.

Note that drive-in rates exist until the rental car companies project that they’ll have relocated enough cars. So if you really want to take advantage of an offer, book early.

The best thing about one-way promotions is that they allow leisurely drives in the United States. (One-way transfer specials in other countries tend to be limited to a single day.)

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