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In 2018, Priceline ended its iconic “Name Your Own Price” option for rental cars, where a customer could propose a price and the vendor decided whether to accept the bid or not. That process was replaced with Express Deals.

The big difference? You no longer bid on rental cars and find out later if you have a reservation. Now you know your price before booking and immediately get your booking confirmed.

How to Book a Priceline Express Deal Through AutoSlash

Priceline Express Deals offer the same deals for rental cars, including some that provide up to 40% savings. The main benefit is ease and speed, with no more bidding and waiting.

Ask AutoSlash for a Quote on a Cheap Car Rental

Our quotes come directly from the rental car companies and represent the best “Pay Later” rates available. That means each quote maps directly to a “Free Cancellation” rate available at Priceline as long as you act immediately—since rental car rates are always changing. Just click the link provided and then find a precise match of:

  • Rental Car Company
  • Vehicle Size
  • Price

This takes you to a “Free Cancellation” rate that doesn’t require a credit card to book. If you book the “Free Cancellation” rate, there is no financial obstacle to rebooking if your plans change or a lower rate surfaces after tracking your reservation. You can simple cancel your reservation so the rental car companies can make the vehicle available for other prospective renters; canceling an unusable reservation is the responsible thing to do and helps keep rates low for all of us.

How a Priceline Express Deal compares to a “Free Cancellation” deal depends upon whether you’re looking at price or need a combinatiion of price and flexibility. It’s important to note that Priceline can (and probably does) offer both types of rates for your desired reservation period.

A “Free Cancellation” rate:

  • matches the quotes sent by AutoSlash
  • is with a specific rental car company of the renter’s choice
  • does not require prepayment
  • can be canceled at any time without penalty

A Priceline Express Deals rate:

  • may (or may not) be cheaper than the best “Free Cancellation” rate
  • does not allow the renter to choose the rental car company
  • requires prepayment at the time of booking
  • cannot be modified or canceled for any reason
  • may block benefits from a rental company’s loyalty program

When a Priceline Express Deal is a Good Deal

Most times, you will be better off booking one of the AutoSlash “Free Cancellation” rates on Priceline, especially if you’re planning your trip well in advance with time to ask us to track your price. Just keep in mind that if you book a Priceline Express Deals rate, you can’t change your reservation for any reason—and that includes everything from family emergencies to airline schedule changes or even flight cancellations. You are locked in.

Situations where booking a prepaid Priceline Express Deal rate can make sense include:

  • When Prepaid Express Deals rates are significantly cheaper than even the best “Free Cancellation” rate AutoSlash can find
  • When the booking is a day or two before your trip, so “Free Cancellation” prices aren’t likely to drop below the Express Deal rate
  • Your travel plans are 100-percent firm and your flights aren’t in danger of being canceled
  • You strongly prefer one of the larger brand-name agencies (Express Deals always come from the major brand names we mentioned above) over the discount agencies like E-Z, Advantage, Fox, or Payless

Let AutoSlash Track Your Car Rental for Price Drops

If you do decide to book an Express Deals rate, we always recommend starting with a quote from AutoSlash immediately before booking to make 100 percent sure there aren’t any better non-prepaid options. Even if you’re booking a last-minute rental from your phone while walking from your arrival gate to the rental car lot, be sure to check AutoSlash first. Our system generally processes quotes within five minutes or less, and you can see and compare the Express Deals rates right from the same search screen.