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Looking for a great deal on a 15-passenger van rental? The trick is to hunt for great promo rates and coupons, book as far ahead as possible, and then track your reservation for price drops. Sound like a lot of work? Not if you’re doing it right. Here’s the easy way to pay as little as possible for a 15-passenger van rental.

How to Find a Deal on a 15-Passenger Van Rental

There are always deals out there, but who has time to do hours of research? The good news is that we can do that for you, for free. When you ask AutoSlash for a quote, we automatically search publicly available discounts and coupons offered by major rental car companies.

Ask AutoSlash for a Quote on a Cheap Van Rental

In addition, we’ll factor in all your memberships—from AAA to Costco to AARP and beyond—to make sure nothing is left on the table. Not only does this ensure you’re getting the very best rate, but it saves you hours of research time for you. This part of the process routinely unearths significant discounts for van rentals.

One of the best ways to ensure that you get a great deal on a van is simply to book as early as possible. Many travelers don’t realize that van rentals—like all car rental rates—rise and fall with supply and demand. So the price you get three weeks before your pickup date might not be the best price in the long run.

That’s why we recommend that you ask AutoSlash to track your van reservation. We’ll let you know if there’s a price drop before your pickup date, so you can cancel and rebook at the lower rate. Simply by tracking your reservation, we can help customers save 30 percent, on average.

Extra Costs With a Passenger Van

Realize that renting a passenger van is not cheap, for several reasons. Beyond the cost of renting a more expensive vehicle, vans tend to guzzle more gas because they are larger and heavier than cars. Typically, passenger vans do not come with unlimited mileage, so a long trip may incur additional mileage fees.

Let AutoSlash Track Your Van Rental for Price Drops

Know also that you’ll likely want to spring for the over-the-counter collision insurance, since your personal auto insurance and credit card coverage is unlikely to extend to rented passenger vans.