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Savvy shoppers can accrue points through Giant Eagle’s to save on gas with fuelperks+. Plus, the supermarket chain is extending the expiration of all points through the end of 2022. The extension is in response to the current grocery and fuel price surges, in an attempt to give customers more time to collect points and maximize savings.

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Founded in 1918 in Pittsburgh, Giant Eagle is a supermarket chain with stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Maryland. It also has sister brands like Market District and GetGo.

Get One Point Per Dollar Spent on Groceries or Gift Cards

In order to participate in fuelperks+, you need to have an Advantage Card, which you scan each time you shop at any Giant Eagle, Market District, or GetGo locations. As you shop in Giant Eagle stores, each dollar spent translates to one perk or point in the rewards program.

Get Two Points Per Gallon at Getgo

Even as you spend on gas at GetGo, you’re earning perks to help you save more when you redeem in the future.

Get Five Points Per Prescription Refill

Refill your prescriptions at Giant Eagle stores to earn five perks per refill.

How to Redeem Points for Epic Savings

When your “amount toward next” reward hits 50 perks, those points become redeemable for 2% off groceries or 10 cents off per gallon of gas at GetGo, up to free 30 gallons. Any remainding perks beyond the first 50 become your “amount toward next” reward. Every time you reach 50 perks, you can redeem.

Perks expire on rolling Tuesday cycles, two months after the month in which they are earned. You can find your expiration details in the Giant Eagle app, in your online account, or on your receipt.

Sign Up for Giant Eagle’s fuelperks+ Rewards

To get an Advantage Card, stop by the customer service desk at any Giant Eagle or Market District store or ask a team member at a GetGo store. Then you must visit and enroll the card to start redeeming perks. If you don’t have access to a computer, the customer service staff at Giant Eagle and Market District stores will help you enroll your Advantage Card.

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Download the Giant Eagle app to track your perks. You can also find perks information on your receipts and by logging into the Giant Eagle website.

Don’t shop at Giant Eagle? Check out fuel points programs at other chains like Kroger and Marathon.