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Whether you live in the Northeast or are just traveling through, Price Chopper’s AdvantEdge Rewards program makes it easy to earn and redeem fuel points in a variety of ways. When gas prices are high, it’s easy to save on gas with Price Chopper AdvantEdge Rewards.

Price Chopper grocery stores are located throughout Upstate New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The New York-based Golub Corporation owns the chain, in addition to the Market 32 and Market Bistro chains. The company opened its first supermarkets in 1932 in Albany, New York’s Capital District.

Get One Fuel Point per Dollar Spent on Groceries

You’ll earn one AdvantEdge Rewards point for every dollar spent when you shop at Price Chopper, Market 32, and Market Bistro stores using your AdvantEdge Card.

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Power Tip: You can pile on the points during Bonus Points events, which are promoted in-store in the Weekly Flyer and on tags throughout the store.

Get One Fuel Point per Dollar Spent on Gift Cards

Price Chopper recently made it even easier to earn fuel points by giving one fuel point for every dollar spent on gift card purchases.

Get 10,000 Fuel Points When You Refinance Student Loans

Want a fast way to save on gas with Price Chopper AdvantEdge? Refinancing your student loans can help you to save money and lower your monthly payment. When you refinance your student loans, you’ll earn 10,000 AdvantEdge Rewards points. If you want to get a peek at your personal refinance offers, you can earn 500 points just for applying.

How to Redeem Points for Epic Savings

Simply swipe your AdvantEdge Card at the pump or present it while paying inside. Follow the prompts and you’ll see your gas price drop. You can redeem at dozens of participating Sunoco locations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

You can redeem 100 points for a discount of 5 cents per gallon, 200 points for a discount of 10 cents per gallon, 300 points for a discount of 15 cents per gallon, 400 points for a discount of 20 cents per gallon, and 500 points for a discount of 25 cents per gallon (up to 20 gallons). The maximum number of points that can be redeemed in a single fill-up is 1,500 points, or $1.50 per gallon.

How to Sign Up for Price Chopper’s AdvantEdge Rewards Program

There are several ways to sign up for AdvantEdge Rewards. You can sign up for an account using the mobile app or on the website. The AdvantEdge Card can also be used to save on groceries, pay down college debt, donate to charities, and more.

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You can view your AdvantEdge Rewards point balances on your receipt, in your profile on the Price Chopper mobile app, at, or in your account at

Don’t shop at Price Chopper? Check out fuel points programs at other chains like Kroger and Marathon.