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Many car rental companies offer a variety of luxury cars in their fleets. But what if your heart is set on taking an Audi for a spin? There are many ways for U.S.-based drivers to get behind the wheel of this revered German brand, whether it be in a sedan, convertible or SUV. Here’s where you can rent an Audi.

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Rent an Audi from Sixt

Unsurprisingly, the German rental car company Sixt also offers Audis in its fleet. The brand’s website showcases several models offered for U.S. customers, all the way from the five-person A3 sportback to the jaw-dropping R8 coupe. Just keep in mind that getting an Audi isn’t necessarily guaranteed. Sixt may offer a different, but “similar” luxury car model if your desired model is unavailable. Available models may vary depending on the location, day and other factors.

Rent an Audi from Enterprise Exotic Car Collection

You can browse for an Audi in Enterprise’s Exotic Car Collection, which features an array of elite vehicles from brands like Mercedes, Cadillac, Aston Martin and, yes, Audi. There’s a wide selection, so Enterprise’s elite car division is a good choice no matter whether you want to rent an Audi A7, R8 coupe or SUVs like the Q5 or Q7. Enterprise’s cars are subject to availability. So keep in mind that there’s a chance you could be offered a similar luxury vehicle in the case an Audi is not available.

Rent an Audi from National

You’ll find a few Audi models in National Car Rental‘s fleet, such as the Audi Q3 in the standard elite SUV category.

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Rent an Audi from Alamo

There are also Audi models in Alamo Rent a Car‘s fleet, including the Audi Q3 or Q7 in the SUV category.

Rent an Audi from Turo

Do you have your eye set on a specific Audi model? It’s worth checking out the car-sharing marketplace Turo to see if you strike gold with the perfect match in your location. Instead of renting from a car company, you’ll be borrowing the vehicle from its owner. Because of the individual nature of Turo, prices vary widely. For example, the site currently lists a 2009 R8 for rent near San Francisco at a rate of $299 per day, whereas a 2019 A8 in the same area is $113 per day.