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Looking for hotel deals for February? Customers who love AutoSlash for the amazing deals we’re able to get on car rentals have often asked us, if we could do the same for hotels. Over the last 10 years, we helped our customers save more than $50 million. But up until now, we’ve been so focused on cars that we didn’t have the bandwidth to look at other travel products.

But that’s all about to change.

A New Way to Save on Travel

Now, in the midst of a pandemic, we’re launching HotelSlash with the aim to do for hotels what we did for car rentals — and we can think of no more perfect time to help travelers save money.

Reduced demand and lower occupancy mean hotels are more aggressive with deals, and prices are likely to be volatile for the foreseeable future. And we are committed to helping you take advantage of these exceptional circumstances and help you get the best deal hotel deals for January or May or November.

How Does HotelSlash Work?

Just like car rental prices, hotel rates go up and down. The trick is to strike at the right time and lock in the lowest price.

Most people make a hotel reservation and then leave it alone, which is the same as leaving money on the table. If you book a refundable rate and the price drops, you can cancel your reservation and rebook at the lower rate. But who has time to watch hotel rates all day?

That’s where HotelSlash comes in. Whether you’re looking for hotel deals for February or later in the year, we’ll track your hotel reservation for free and alert you when there is a price drop so you can cancel and rebook. It’s as simple as that.

Even better, we won’t give up. We’ll continue to track your reservation right up until the last moment. That’s how to ensure that you never pay more than you have to. If the price drops once, we will notify you. If it drops five more times, or 25 more times, we’ll let you know, so you can always take advantage of the lower rate.

How to Get Started

HotelSlash is currently in closed beta exclusively for AutoSlash customers. But we expect to launch to the general public in the coming months. If you want to be the first to know when we go live, visit and add your email to our list.

Want to save on your next hotel stay without lifting a finger? Give us a try. We promise to make it worth your while.


Jonathan Weinberg
CEO of AutoSlash and HotelSlash