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Are you considering signing up for Alamo’s rewards program? Alamo targets the value-seeking occasional vacationer with low rates and a large variety of affiliation discounts. While you won’t get the premium, go-straight-to-your-car experience you do with some car rental loyalty programs, the free Alamo Insiders program makes it painless to get cheap wheels.

Alamo is one of the innovators of the rental car industry. At major airport locations, you’ll see their trademark self-serve rental kiosks. Even at busy locations, there’s rarely a line for the kiosks. To use the kiosk, you need to check-in online prior to picking up the car. That involves filling out your personal information in an online form. Alamo Insiders makes this process much easier; since your information is already stored, you can go straight to a kiosk. From there, get your rental agreement, and head for your car.

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Even if you’re renting from a location without a kiosk, Insiders members usually have access to a special, faster line. Having your information on file greatly speeds up the rental process once you’re at the counter.

A nice bonus: Many major airport Alamo locations borrow an idea from their corporate sibling, National. You can choose any car you want from the aisle marked with your reserved car class.

Some Alamo locations, like Orlando, where Alamo is the official rental car agency for Disney World and Disney’s package vacations, allow Insiders members to proceed directly to the aisle with their reserved car class and complete the necessary paperwork at the exit booth for even more time savings. This makes the Insiders experience in Orlando very similar to the National Emerald Club experience, although most other locations will still require you to stop at the counter or a kiosk.

The Alamo Insider Deal

If you make a reservation with just your Insiders member number, you’ll automatically get the Insiders discount code applied to your reservation. Generally, this results in knocking 10 percent off the base rate.

This isn’t always the best deal; it’s often easier to get a better discount with another code due to the breadth of Alamo’s partnerships, but it works well a surprising amount of the time. Note that while it is always possible to input your own corporate and coupon codes, using certain codes may prevent you from using the self-serve kiosk.

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Alamo Insiders doesn’t include any special reward for renting frequently, so it’s not worth seeking Alamo out solely on the merits of the Insiders program. But it’s a free program that’s easy to sign up for, so if you’re going to be booking with Alamo anyway, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t sign up for it to make your life a little easier.