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Enterprise cancellation policy
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Did your plans just change? Having to cancel travel plans is never fun. But the situation becomes even more difficult when there’s a fee involved for modifying your reservation. If you’re renting a car with Enterprise, read its cancellation policy carefully to know if your reservation will be subject to any fees. Here’s the information you’ll need to know.

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Cancellation Policy Overview

As with other rental car companies, Enterprise’s cancellation policy depends on whether you prepaid for the vehicle at the time of booking. Prepaying usually means getting a discounted rate on the reservation. But it also means that you’ll have to pay some amount to cancel it at the last minute. On the other hand, “Pay Later” rates are not subject to any cancellation fees. There are also some differences between Enterprise’s cancellation policies in North America and Europe.

Fee Breakdown

Enterprise charges cancellation and no-show fees for its prepaid bookings. So making any reservation with a credit card requires reading the fine print carefully to avoid any surprises. Here’s the breakdown of charges you can expect when cancelling your Enterprise reservation:

Reservations without prepaying: Enterprise reservations made without prepaying first are not subject to any cancellation fees. If you made a reservation without providing any credit card information, you don’t have to worry about any cancellation charges. If there’s any chance you might change your travel plans, this is the best option to avoid unwanted fees.

Prepaid reservations in the U.S. and Canada

No-show fee: If you forget to cancel your prepaid Enterprise reservation and fail to show up on the day you had it reserved, expect to pay a no-show fee of $100 in the U.S or $135 in Canadian dollars.

Cancellation charges: Cancelling a prepaid Enterprise reservation more than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled pickup time carries a $50 fee, or $65 in Canada. That fee jumps to $100 or $135 in Canadian dollars when you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice. The rest of the money will be refunded.

Prepaid reservations on European website

Prepaid reservations using the European website or app are not refundable if cancelled less than 24 hours than the planned pick-up time. There’s no fee to cancel prepaid reservations seven days in advance. When cancelled less than seven days in advance but more than 24 hours, Enterprise says customers will have to pay a “small” reservation fee disclosed when calling its main number.

Reservations through third parties

Cancel your Enterprise reservation on the site where you booked it. Enterprise reservations made through third-parties or travel agents could be subject to other cancellation charges. You cannot modify third-party reservations on the Enterprise website.

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How to Cancel Your Reservation

Head to Enterprise’s dedicated webpage for viewing, cancelling or modifying bookings. You’ll need to provide the confirmation number, plus the first and last name of the person who made the reservation.

If there’s any doubt that you might have to change your travel plans, go ahead and book an Enterprise reservation without prepaying. This will ensure that you won’t be on the hook for any cancellation or no-show charges if your plans change.