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It’s never fun to change your travel plans, especially when you incur cancellation fees or other charges. Thinking of booking a Hertz rental car? Check the Hertz cancellation policy to ensure you won’t be on the hook for any unexpected charges.

Hertz Cancellation Policy Overview

The Hertz cancellation policy depends on the type of reservation you make. Reservations generally fall into two categories. The first is a prepaid reservation secured with a credit card using the “Pay Now” button. The alternative is a “Pay Later” booking that do not require any billing information until you pick up the car.

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If you book a “Pay Later” reservation without inputting any credit card information, you won’t pay a cancellation fee. On the other hand, choosing the “Pay Now” option to prepay for the reservation with a credit card does come with a cancellation fee.

“Pay Later” Reservations

Choosing the “Pay Later” option when inputting your credit card information does not come with a cancellation fee.

“Pay Now” Reservations

Hertz offers the option to receive a discount when paying for reservations in advance. While this option can provide significant savings off of the total amount of the rental, these reservations are less flexible than standard ones because they require a fee to cancel. When paying for a Hertz rental in advance by clicking the “Pay Now” option, renters will be subject to a cancellation fee. You can make up to two changes for prepaid reservations and will not receive any refunds for unused days once you pick up the car.

Third-Party Reservations

In general, making your rental car reservation through third-party website means that you’ll be subject to their own cancellation policies. So, booking a Hertz reservation through a third party may mean paying additional change or cancellation fees beyond what the rental car company requires. Be sure to read the fine print extra carefully when booking from a third party.

Fee Breakdown

Cancelling a “Pay Later” Hertz reservation does not incur an extra fee, but prepaid reservations using the “Pay Now” button do. The amount of the fee depends on how far in advance you cancel the reservation. Hertz says that these fees will not exceed the total amount paid for the reservation.

Prepaid Cancellation Fees: “Pay Now” bookings cancelled at least 24 hours in advance of the planned pick-up time are subject to a $100 fee. When a “Pay Now” booking is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice, that fee doubles to $200.

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Prepaid No-Show Fee: Customers who do not pick up their “Pay Now” rentals will lose the entire amount they paid for the reservation.

How to Cancel Your Reservation

Canceling a Hertz reservation is relatively easy. Just go to the dedicated page for viewing, modifying or cancelling a reservation. You’ll be asked to provide the confirmation number given at the time of making the reservation as well as the last name of the person who made the reservation. If you have any trouble, call Hertz at 800-704-4473 to speak with an agent.