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Looking to rent a BMW? Pulling up in a car from this iconic German luxury brand is a surefire way to turn heads, no matter whether you’re headed to an important business meeting, event or even a family vacation.

Founded in 1916 as an aircraft engine manufacturer, BMW has evolved with the latest technology while maintaining its sleek, upscale image. BMW offers a wide selection of vehicles, including convertibles, classy coupes, SUVs and sedans. Here’s how to snag the BMW of your dreams at the rental counter.

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Of course, keep in mind that rental car companies typically do not guarantee a specific vehicle model, but rather a class of similar vehicles. So you may reserve a BMW and receive a similar car if the model you requested is unavailable.

Rent a BMW from Enterprise Exotic Car Collection

With a wide selection of luxury vehicles to choose from, the Enterprise Exotic Car Collection is one of the first places to look for your BMW rental. Available models include: The BMW X5 SUV, the BMW 528i and BMW 740i sedans, the coveted BMW i8 coupe with unique doors that open upward, and the BMW Z4 convertible. Enterprise lists the locations where each model is available. But note that Enterprise might offer a similar car in the same class from a different brand if a particular BMW model is not available. Enterprise requires a credit card to secure its luxury rentals, and will require an additional security deposit that varies depending on the type of car.

Rent a BMW from Avis Select Series

Through its Select Series collection of luxury vehicles, Avis offers the BMW X5 SUV as part of its luxury crossover category. Be sure to doublecheck whether the exact model is available. You may be offered a similar car in the same category if a BMW is unavailable. Renting from the Avis Select Series collection requires a credit card to secure the reservation.

Rent a BMW from Hertz Dream Collection

Hertz is another major rental brand offering BMWs, and offers these cars as part of its Dream Collection. In the U.S., the company offers the following BMW models for rent: the BMW 740 sedan, the seven-passenger BMW X7 SUV, and BMW M4 convertible. One of the perks of renting from Hertz is that you can reserve the exact BMW you want. Debit cards are not accepted to secure a Dream Collection reservation, but you can use one to pay at the end.

Rent a BMW from Sixt

Unsurprisingly, the German rental car company Sixt is a good place to browse a few different BMW models. The website lists several different models: The BMW 4 Series convertible, the BMW 7 series sedan, and the BMW X2, X2 and X5 SUVs. Note that availability may vary. You may be offered a similar car from another brand if a BMW is unavailable. Renting a luxury car from Sixt requires an extra deposit. That can range from $500 to $2,500 depending on the type of vehicle.

Rent a BMW from National

There are a few BMW models in National Car Rental‘s luruxy elite fleet, such as the BMW 4 series in the luxury convertible category.

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Rent a BMW from Alamo

There may also BMW models in Alamo Rent a Car‘s fleet, including the BMW X3 in the premium elite SUV category.

Rent a BMW from Turo

For car fanatics itching to take a BMW model for a spin, consider the car sharing marketplace Turo. Just type in your location and rental dates to browse the BMW models available in your area. Unlike traditional rentals, you’ll be borrowing the vehicle directly from its owner so prices can vary widely.