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Renting a cargo van is a great option for small moves, or hauling big furniture and equipment across town or even state lines. Not only will you save money on movers, but you can haul items on your own schedule and pack them as you see fit. Luckily, there are more options than you think if you want to rent a cargo van.

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One thing to keep in mind is timing. It can be harder to find a cargo van at the end of the month when many people move, and in the weeks of early autumn and early summer due to the college rush.

Rent a Cargo Van from A Car Rental Company

Some major rental car companies offer cargo vans among their fleets of sedans and SUVs, so it’s worth checking them out, especially if you belong to a loyalty program that earns points or want to start your trip at an airport.

Here are rental car companies offering cargo vans:


Alamo offers a standard cargo van like the Chevy Express, as well as a more compact version like the Nissan NV200.


Enterprise also offers the Chevy Express and Nissan NV200 models at several locations.


Thrifty offers the Nissan NV2500 cargo van, as well as similar models.

Rent a Cargo Van from A Moving Vehicle Company

The first place most of us think to look for a cargo van is a specialty moving company. The advantage to renting with these companies is that they often sell bungees and boxes to aid in the moving process (though you can often pick up those items more cheaply at other stores). Here are a few companies that specialize in renting trucks and vans:


U-Haul is a household name in the moving business, and likely the first company you’ll come across with a fleet of moving vehicles. U-Haul offers cargo vans with space up to 245 cubic ft., which fits a queen-size mattress among other things. Be careful though; while prices do start at $19.95, there are additional, per-mile charges. U-haul offers rentals by the hour or by the day.

Penske Truck Rental

Another moving-related company to check out is Penske Truck Rental, which offers cargo vans with a roof measuring 12ft. A few inches higher than the U-Haul cargo vans, Penske trucks are a good option for bigger equipment. AAA members, military members and college students get a discount, too.

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Budget Truck Rental

Did you know Budget has its own truck rental division? You can find a cargo van measuring just under 9 ft. to haul items or move. One of the perks of renting from Budget is that it tends to offer great discount codes, such as the 20% off promotion we recently saw for cargo vans. It also regularly offers group discounts for AARP members, students, American Bar Association members, police and firefighters, military members and Motor Club of America members.