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You might be accustomed to renting a sedan or SUV for a family vacation or work trip. But in certain situations, it’s smart to consider a pickup truck. Renting a pickup truck is a great option when a four-door just won’t cut it. Here are some scenarios when renting a pickup truck can be especially handy.

Rent a Pickup Truck for Moving Day

If you’re moving to a new apartment or dorm, a pickup truck is often big enough to get the job done. Plus, it can be much cheaper than renting a big van. Plus, it’s easier to drive. Moving companies like U-Haul do offer pickup truck rentals alongside their larger vehicles. But be sure to compare prices among rental car brands like Enterprise, Alamo, Avis and Budget as well.

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You may need some bungees and tarps to protect your belongings, especially when driving long distances or if the weather forecast looks dire. Always be sure to ask the rental company whether the collision damage waiver (CDW) would cover you in case of any moving-related scratches or other damage to the car.

Rent a Pickup Truck for Home Improvement Projects

Tackling a home renovation project? Renting a pickup truck for a day or two is a great way to save time and money when visiting different home improvement stores and lumberyards. You’re able to carry out materials you might otherwise have to get delivered to your home for a fee. And after a big project, you can use the truck for trips to landfills and recycling centers to dispose of unwanted materials.

Rent a Pickup Truck for Landscaping Projects

Whether you’re building raised vegetable beds, creating a retaining wall, or simply decorating your deck with a container garden, hauling materials needed for a big gardening project can be tough and messy with your own car. With a pickup truck, you’ll be able to carry all of those trees, flowers, potted plants, bags of soil, gravel and decorative stones without bringing wear and tear to your own vehicle.

Rent a Pickup Truck for Moving Furniture

Whether you buy new furniture or appliances from a store or second-hand on Craigslist, it can be expensive to get your newly purchased items to your home. Ordering a new bed frame, mattress, couch or kitchen table usually includes a hefty delivery fee.

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You can often diminish that extra charge by renting a pickup truck and collecting those items home yourself. And remember, the more items you need to pick up, the more cost-effective it is to do it yourself.

Rent a Pickup Truck to Declutter Your Home

Do you have bags of old clothes or unwanted furniture taking up space at home? Getting rid of unwanted items can be difficult with a small vehicle. Whether you’re spring cleaning or just tidying up, consider renting a pickup truck for a day or two while you make runs to local charities, recycling centers, donation centers and libraries. Many of these locations are happy to accept donations of working appliances and large furniture items. But may not have the resources to collect them from your home.

Always call in advance to see which kinds of donations are accepted. Similarly, you can use a pickup truck to haul any big items you want to sell online to increase the likelihood that they find a home.

Rent a Pickup Truck for Special Events

Planning a large event like a neighborhood barbecue, marriage or vows renewal ceremony, or children’s birthday bash? Renting a pickup truck will give you the space to load all of those folding chairs, tents, tables, decorations, coolers, pool toys, gift bags, food trays, bottled water, soda cartons, grilling equipment or whatever else you need. Plus, the open truck bed will make it easy to pack everything up at the end of the day.

Rent a Pickup Truck for Towing

Need to tow a large item like a boat, camper or trailer? Renting a pickup truck with a tow hitch is a convenient way to transport these items. Budget Truck Rental and Enterprise Truck Rental are two companies that provide this option.

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A caveat: This is an occasion where you’ll need to read the fine print, as there are some important considerations to keep in mind when using a pickup truck for towing. You likely will not be allowed to tow at all when renting a standard pickup truck from a car rental company. Enterprise Rent-a-Car locations do not allow using pickup trucks for towing, but Enterprise Truck Rental does with certain vehicles. You may be charged extra for the towing capability. Also, know that the maximum towing weight depends on the vehicle. Check with the rental company about your specific plans to ensure that your pickup can handle the load you intend to tow.