You may wonder if you can transfer your car rental reward points to a family member or friend who is also a member of the same program. This is sometimes possible, depending on which program you belong to.

There are a few general rules of thumb to understand about car rental points. The first is that your points aren’t currency with a cash value; their only value is within the travel company’s program. Second, the car rental company change its rules at any time. Third, the company determines whether it allows its members to transfer points to another member.

Rental Car Loyalty Programs That Allow Point Transfers

Advantage Car Rental allows you to share awards directly with other members.</ahref=”https:>

Enterprise allows members to transfer and receive points one time each calendar year. Note that the transferred points will assume the expiration date associated with any point balance in the recipient’s Enterprise Plus account or three months from date of transfer, whichever is greater. This date may be extended 36 months as long as the member earns one or more points for a qualifying rental prior to the expiration date occurring.

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Hertz allows members to transfer points to a spouse or domestic partner. Hertz is unique in allowing members to buy up to 10,000 points toward a major redemption if they have a minimum balance of 500 points after a transfer. Buying points for 20 cents apiece (minimum purchase of 50 points) could result in an outsized benefit for a family that transfers.

National allows members to transfer free award days (but not credits toward award days) to an immediate family member. The family member receiving the free day doesn’t even need to be an Emerald Club member. If you transfer a free day near it’s expiration date, it becomes good for another full year once transferred to a family member. (Note that free days earned with the annual One Two Free promo cannot be transferred.)

Rental Car Reward Programs That Do Not Allow Point Transfers

Alamo has no points so transfers are moot.

Avis doesn’t allow any transfer (or sale or barter) of Avis Preferred Points.

Budget has no points so transfers are moot.

Dollar is a subsidiary of Hertz but, unlike its parent company, it does not allow point transfers.

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E-Z does not allow point transfers.

Payless has no points so transfers are moot.

Sixt has no points so transfers are moot.

Thrifty does not allow point transfers.