Car Rental Tips

How to Rent a Vintage Car for a Wedding

Planning a picture-perfect wedding? If you’ve spent two seconds on Instagram or Pinterest, you’ve seen the trend: Couples are driving away from the single life in vintage cars and classic hot rods. Want to know how to jump on the trend and rent one for…

Car Rental Tips

How to Return a Rental Car After Hours

There may be instances when you need to return a rental car after the branch office is closed–perhaps you have an early flight or were delayed in traffic. You park and lock the car and put the keys in a secure drop box, with the…

Car Rental Tips

What to Do If Your Rental Car Is Stolen

If your rental car is stolen while in your possession, you could potentially get hit with a huge bill. Buying the rental car insurance over the counter may shield you from some of the monetary responsibility, but you still may be on the hook for…

Car Rental Tips

Snag a Long-Term Car Rental with Canvas

Looking for a long-term car rental with Canvas? This startup is showing a lot of promise. In some cases, this can be a viable option if you need a car for six months or longer, due to its sliding-scale subscription model that rewards making a…