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When it comes to planning out your trip, you likely didn’t factor in time to wait in line at your rental car company for a receipt. With flights to catch, rental car returns are often rushed. But it always pays to stay on top of paperwork. Here is how to look up your National receipt online.

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Should any question come up about the car rental return, a receipt is the easiest way to prove you returned it—and that you returned it on time. Fortunately, most companies offer the option to return a car without extra paperwork and then receive the bill or receipt at a later date. Express return options make sense; they save valuable time, freeing you up to get on with your trip. However, each car rental company has its own policies for how long they hold onto receipts and how to retrieve them. 

National Car Rental Drop & Go

National’s Drop & Go works like this: As long as your vehicle has not been damaged during the rental, all you have to do is drop off your car and keys. We will take care of the paperwork and email you your receipt.

National Receipts Online

Before you rent from National Car Rental, it makes sense to join its Emerald Club loyalty program. You must be a member to access your online receipt in the “Past Trips” section of your account. Emerald Club members can also sign up to automatically receive electronic receipts via email after every rental. If you rent through National Car Rental but are not a member of the Emerald Club, you will need to call 1-800-468-3334 and ask a representative for a receipt.

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Next time you’re making a booking at National Car Rental, know that unless you’re a member of the Emerald Club, you won’t have access to a receipt online. You’ll need to take an extra step to get in touch with a helpline representative.

A tip: If you want some visual proof of your return but don’t have time to wait for a receipt, snap a few pictures. Take photos of both the interior and exterior of the car parked in the lot before leaving the premises. These pictures and the timestamp in the metadata will serve as proof that you returned the car when you say you did.