Car Rental Tips

The Worst Car Rental Company for a USA Road Trip

What would be the worst car rental for a USA road trip? When choosing a car rental company, the top of your requirements should be unlimited mileage and very few geographic restrictions. That’s why Sixt is perhaps the worst car rental company for U.S. road…

Car Rental Insurance

Does State Farm Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

For many travelers, there’s a moment of dread when they get to the rental car counter and wonder how much insurance coverage they need. If you have State Farm auto insurance for your primary vehicle, it’s reassuring to know that you’re covered for rental cars…

Frequent Renter Programs

The Lowdown on Avis Preferred

When Avis originally launched its motto “We try harder” in 1962, what it really meant was that it tried harder than Hertz, its rival and market leader. Today Avis has ditched the tagline and dropped a peg to the third largest rental car company in…

Money Saving Tips

Snag the Hertz Car Rental Weekend Promo

The Hertz car rental weekend promo for $12.99 per day is not available at this time but it will likely return again. Instead, take a look at other Hertz deals and discounts. Better still, ask us for a quote and we’ll scour the Internet for…

Car Rental Tips

What Happens If You Pick Up a Rental Car Early

Sometimes plans change. Perhaps you’ve reserved a rental car for a certain pick-up time and later realize that it’s more convenient to pick up the car earlier. This is usually possible to do without incurring any fees, as long as you also return the car…

Car Rental Insurance

Does Allstate Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

Wondering if Allstate car insurance cover rental cars? Do you dread getting to the rental car counter and not knowing how much insurance coverage you need? The good news is that if you have Allstate auto insurance for your personal vehicle, you are likely covered…

Car Rental Tips

Find a Long-Term Car Rental with Turo

Need to rent a car for a month or longer? You might consider a long-term car rental with Turo, a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace that’s been likened to an Airbnb for cars. With over 350,000 car listings on Turo, this is definitely a well-established marketplace….

Money Saving Tips

Where to Score a Sam’s Club Car Rental Discount

Sam’s Club is the members-only discount chain operated by Walmart. Is known for offering deep savings when customers buy bulk items like paper towels, pet supplies, snacks and even medicines. But did you know about the Sam’s Club car rental discount? If you’re a Sam’s…