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Changing travel plans can be a hassle, especially when you could be on the hook for added fees. Are you planning to book a car from Sixt, one of the fastest-growing car rental brands in the United States? Take time to read the Sixt cancellation policy to understand any charges you may incur if you modify your reservation.

Sixt Cancellation Policy Overview

The Sixt cancellation policy spells out what happens if you cancel your reservation. Long story short: it depends on the type of reservation you make at the time of booking. Car rental reservations generally fall into two categories: Prepaid (pay online) and pay later.

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Prepaid rentals generally incur a cancellation fee. Sixt is different than most other rental car companies in that the cancellation fee is based on the number of days of the rental. Most companies just charge a flat fee. Cancelling a long-term rental with Sixt can incur a penalty of up to three days of charges.

Pay Later: Choosing the “Pay Later” option means that you will be able to change or cancel your rental reservation at any time without a fee. The rate is higher than the “Pay Online” option, but this option is more flexible if you have to make a change later on.

Pay Online: Like other car rental companies, Sixt offers customers the option of getting a discount by paying in advance for a rental car reservation. But prepaid bookings are generally less flexible than those that do not require credit card information to secure, and they are subject to a cancellation fee. The Sixt website states that a cancellation charge “may apply” to prepaid reservations, which can be equal up to three days of rental charges.

Cancellation Fee Breakdown

If you choose the “Pay Later” option when making your Sixt booking, you will not have to pay any fees to cancel your reservation. However, prepaid reservations are subject to cancellation charges. Sixt’s cancellation policy for prepaid reservations is relatively strict compared to some of the other car rental companies, so be sure to read the rental terms carefully when booking.

“Pay Later” Reservations

If you make a Sixt reservation and choose to pay for the rental at the time of pick-up, cancellation fees do not apply.

“Pay Online” Cancellation Fee

Sixt reservations paid in advance through its own website do generally require a cancellation charge. For prepaid reservations for three days or less, you won’t get any refund. For longer reservations, you’ll lose three days’ worth of the rental amount and get a refund for the rest.

“Pay Online” No-Show Fee

Sixt customers who don’t show up for a prepaid rental—and fail to cancel—will be charged the full amount of the reservation.

“Pay Online” Change Fee

The cost to change a prepaid reservation is currently only one cent. This is a Covid-19 policy that may be changed in the future.

How to Cancel Your Sixt Reservation

To cancel a Sixt rental car reservation, you will have to log into the website with the email and password combination used when booking the reservation.

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The page will prompt you for a confirmation code for the reservation, which you should have received in an email after booking. If you have any trouble accessing the platform, send an email to: