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Whether you’re dashing to catch a flight, returning from a vacation or wrapping up your trip quickly, rental car returns are often rushed. After all, who wants to spend unnecessary vacation time reviewing forms or standing in line? But it always pays to stay on top of paperwork. Here is how to look up your Hertz receipt online.

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Should any question come up about the car rental return, a receipt is the easiest way to prove you returned it—and that you returned it on time. With most companies, you can quickly request a car rental receipt online. However, each car rental company has its own policies for how long they hold onto receipts and how to retrieve them. 

Hertz Instant Return

Like most major car rental companies, Hertz offers an express service. It’s called Hertz Instant Return, which allows you to drop off your car and get on your way. A Hertz agent equipped with a tablet will greet you to inspect your vehicle, determine any additional charges and close out your rental. Once the quick review is complete, the agent will compute a receipt for you in less than a minute. All rental charges will be applied to the credit card presented at time of rental. You can also input your frequent traveler number at time of return.

Hertz Express Return

Hertz also offers its Hertz Gold Plus Rewards members a service called Express Return. Just return the car to the designated area. Complete the Express Return slip, which is included in the printed Rental Agreement. State the return date and time, return mileage, indicate gas was purchased and the final fuel level.

Hertz Receipts Online

Hertz makes things easy for its renters. If you rented with Hertz, the company’s website has an online form to request a receipt. Simply provide your last name, along with either your driver’s license details or credit card number used to secure the reservation. The system can show up to 20 receipts at a time. They are uploaded up to seven days after returning the vehicle and available online for the following six months. If it has been at least seven days from when you returned the car and you still do not see your receipt, reach out to Hertz’s customer service team.

So next time you’re returning a car at Hertz, know that it’s fairly straightforward to request a receipt online in the chance that you don’t automatically get it sent to you. Instead of waiting around at the office upon return, use that precious time for something else.

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Want to cover all your bases but don’t have time to wait for a receipt? It is always a smart idea to snap a few pictures. This is especially wise when renting from Hertz, given its track record of falsely accusing customers of theft. Take photos of both the interior and exterior of the car parked in the lot before leaving the premises. These pictures and the timestamp in the metadata will serve as proof that you returned the car when you say you did.